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As we said in our presentation to the Gartner 2014 Finance & IT Conference, “A tool is not a silver bullet!” Our focus is not just tools but also the people, policy & process elements of SAM; when combined with our outstanding commercial services we have all the skills required to ensure your SAM program not only delivers savings in your software budget but also drives broader operational efficiencies.

Based in Lisbon Portugal, with broad language skills, our team of employees & pool of associates have the skills & experience to ensure your SAM program delivers !

We have always been strong in the data centre. Unix, Linux, Windows, IBM, CA, Oracle, SAP or cloud we have a track record in handling them all and we are proudly one of the few Enterprise SAM practices with significant mainframe experience.

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The introduction of an effective SAM programme has the potential to reduce company IT costs by up to 30%. A typical return on investment can occur within the first year. – Gartner


Approximately 20% of all software owned by companies is Shelfware”, software that is purchased but either never installed or is under utilised. – Gartner


Software accounts for 22% of an organisations Information Technology budget & is second only to people HR costs. – Gartner




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SAMGarde’s commercial work packages are specifically designed to reduce both cost and commercial risk. Whether you have an unfavourable licence position that you need to renegotiate, an audit risk to defend or you believe the balance of hardware & software across your entire enterprise to be sub-optimal our Commercial services have a proven track record of multi million pound delivery.

ITAM Advisory

ITAM Advisory

Over time there are many business events that will impact how an ITAM service operates. From a broad health-check to a policy & governance review or helping you fill a gap when an outsourcer exits. SAMGarde’s ITAM Advisory services will ensure you stay on the right track.

ITAM Foundation

ITAM Foundation

Good quality data is the foundation of not only ITAM but also IT procurement. Understanding the quality of each of your data sources and helping you see the wood for the trees is critical to the success of your SAM program. SAMGarde’s “ITAM Foundation” work-packages are designed to ensure your ITAM / procurement function is on a firm footing.

“SAMGarde brought clarity,control & savings to an area where we had minimal visibility.”


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