Save Money

Save Money

High performing ITAM can reduce IT costs by up to 30%

SAMGarde will support your business to improve software & overall IT ROI



In 2017 we identified over £1 billion of potential software penalties

SAMGarde will help you reduce the risk of non-compliance


Shelfware now accounts for up to 20% of business software

SAMGarde will help reduce your unused software licences and shelfware

what can SamGarde do for you?

100% Independent ITAM consulting

SAMGarde does not have commercial connections to any software publishers. We will never benefit from advising you toward one tool over another. We also never benefit from the fees you pay to software publishers.


  • Commercial consulting

    Reducing the costs and financial risks of owning software by helping you engage better with software vendors.

  • ITAM Advisory

    Helping you establish and maintain the software policies, head-count and governance you need.

  • ITAM Foundations

    Gathering and validating the data you need for effective software management



Download our SAM Triage Guide Today.

Are you looking for a way to assess your current SAM function in the most effective way possible? SAM Triage from SAMGarde gives you access to expert senior SAM consultants for free. SAM Triage includes three consultants, working on just your business for one whole day and provides a detailed report with all the important next actions you need to take to achieve a great ROI in your organisations software asset management.

To find out more,download our free guide to SAM Triage by completing the form below.


If you would like to discuss an upcoming software renewal, a looming publisher audit or simply want some truly independent IT Asset Management or Cyber Governance advice, we would love to hear from you!

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