What does it mean to be independent?

SAMGarde are, and will always be, 100% independent from any software provider, publisher or vendor.

This may seem like a small thing, but in fact it is one of the most important concepts you should be aware of when selecting an ITAM advisor.





High performing ITAM can reduce IT costs by up to 30%. Through a wide range of services such as licence reduction, audit defence and managed SAM, we guarantee to lower your overall and ongoing costs of software asset management.

SAMGarde offers every customer an opportunity to optimise their return on investment, meaning our services will always cost less than the money we can save you!


As a business, we have identified over £1 billion of potential software penalties, due to non-compliance. When you can pro-actively find gaps in your software licencing, you can solve the problem way ahead of any audit, penalty or fee.

SAMGarde will help you reduce the risk of non-compliance and ultimately save you from high and unpredictable software fees and penalties.


Did you know that unused SaaS accounts, Cloud infrastructure, and traditional shelfware now accounts for up to 20% of business software? This means that nearly a quarter of most business’ software costs come from licences they never use! And unused software is not the only source of waste within your IT estate.

SAMGarde can quickly identify unused software and licencing in your organisation and establish a programme of waste reduction across your whole IT function.

What can we do for you?

High quality and well-managed governance can enable the people & technology in an organisation to work together more effectively always ensuring that your ITAM function will generate real business value.

Many organisations believe that simply purchasing an ITAM tool or hiring ITAM team members is enough to deliver successful IT Asset Management. However, in reality effective ITAM requires great collaboration and a high-level of governance.

SAMGarde helps you to establish a robust ITAM Governance framework, set of process and a strategy for leveraging the ITAM tools and investments you have in place.

A Software Licence Audit may occur at any time, so it is always important to have the support you need ready to go, whenever you need it. If you are ever found to be non-compliant by a publisher or vendor, they can not only request adequate back payment, but also enforce fines to compensate them for lost revenue and misuse.

If you want to be ready for an audit, suspect there might be one coming, or have already received an audit warning, SAMGarde can help you to pro-actively become fully compliant and reduce the risk of heavy costs.

Only by remaining 100% independent from Software Vendors can SAMGarde protect your organisations position and gain the best possible outcome.

No matter what level of ITAM maturity your organisation has, SAMGarde can offer you a complete range of professional and value-led Managed Services.

All of our services can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our Managed Service team and expert accounts managers are able to provide a tailored set of services around your business goals.

SAMGarde can provide you with the highest level of planning, negotiation, and optimisation services needed for your upcoming software renewals.

Vendors and publishers can often be unpredictable and aggressive in their renewal negotiations. The result of which can be high cost renewals and ongoing support contracts that don’t represent the best interests of your business.

Because SAMGarde is 100% independent of any software vendors, you can have confidence that we are getting the best deal possible for you.


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