At SAMGarde, our greatest assets are our people.

We continually work to create an inclusive environment, which encourages people to grow and flourish. How we treat each other really matters to us and our company core values underpin this philosophy.

This is why we have committed to ensure that SAMGarde is the best place to work.

Our Values

Be Proud

We want our employees to be proud of one another and our services.

When we take pride in our company and what we do for our customers, we are able to have a more positive and meaningful impact on the world.

Be Bold

We get our energy from giving others the freedom to dream.

We think creatively, laterally, and differently.

We know that ideas only make our business a success, if we empower and encourage everyone to take risks.

Be Disciplined
We always honour our accountabilities and commitments.

We also keep the day-to-day work simple and well planned, which always ensures more time to be truly creative wherever it matters most.

Act with Pace

We have the freedom to cut through and do the right thing.

We’re all looking ahead we seize opportunities to adapt and grow quickly.

We cut to the heart of the problem and get solutions with creativity and speed.

We’re always improving and getting better.

Be Open
We are endlessly open to new ideas, people and perspectives.

We believe that we can learn from anyone.

And we believe that differences and disagreements can make us stronger, when we approach them with openness and respect.

Be The Best & Win Together
When we work together we can win together.

Winning together requires trust, confidence, respect and putting the needs of the business before our own.

We celebrate all successes and always recognise the contribution of everyone that played a part

Our Mission

Our mission is to recruit and retain the very best people and ensure that they feel engaged, empowered and appreciated in their role.

Following our latest company-wide review of people and culture, our core leadership activities for 2019 & 2020 are to focus on developing:

  • Inspiring Internal Communication
  • Building Great Levels of trust
  • Consistent Leadership

If you would like to join our team, please take a look at our current vacancies.

We also welcome speculative applications, from people who believe in our mission and values. Simply fill out the form below with your message and a member of the team will be in touch.

Get in Touch

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Our Confidentiality Guarantee

We appreciate that sometimes you can find yourself in tricky position with licencing, and it can be difficult to share information on mistakes or accidental software misuse.

This is why we promise to keep all conversations confidential, and always approach your scenario with practical advice and without any judgement.


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