High performing businesses continually invest the latest and most powerful technology. As a result, C-Level decision makers are increasingly empowering IT to make investments into new resources and services, to help the company become more competitive.

Whilst this further investment and empowerment has increased productivity, in many organisations the senior management have lost sight and control of top level spend and the underlying costs of their new technology.

SAMGarde Commercial Services, can provide you with the Tools, Data, and Governance to ensure that this control is regained, whilst also acting as an enabler for further and more targeted investment.

When facing large scale licence, software, support and maintenance renewal challenges, SAMGarde is ready to provide you with the planning, negotiation, and optimisation services needed in order to get best results.

Vendors and publishers can often be unpredictable and aggressive in their renewal negotiations. The result of which can be high cost renewals and ongoing support contracts that don’t represent the best interests of your business.

Understanding the nuances and approaches of every major vendor, then having confidence and experience in the most effective renewal and negotiation strategies is vital. This capability is what makes SAMGarde uniquely placed to represent your best interests when engaging with vendors.

And because SAMGarde is 100% independent of any software vendors, you can have confidence that we are getting the best deal possible for you.

Save & Share

As we are confident in our ability to deliver, SAMGarde offer customers creative commercial solutions to ensure that the funding challenges that all organisations are contending with are not barriers to their success.

Because of this SAMGarde offers some customers with a ‘Save & Share’ agreement. Whereby SAMGarde only take payment, based upon the success of their services in either reducing cost or increasing income within for your business. Get in touch today, to find out more about your ‘Save and Share’ eligibility.

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Our Confidentiality Guarantee

We appreciate that sometimes you can find yourself in tricky position with licencing, and it can be difficult to share information on mistakes or accidental software misuse.

This is why we promise to keep all conversations confidential, and always approach your scenario with practical advice and without any judgement.


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