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How does investing in ITAM save you money?

As early as 2006, Microsoft published a white paper stating that companies that build effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs could expect to reduce their IT spending by up to 30 percent in the first year, and a further 8 to 10 percent during subsequent years.

Gartner also estimates that approximately 20 percent of software owned by companies is never used, and a report issued by Morgan Stanley and AMR Research indicates that almost half of all CRM licenses purchased are never allocated.


Our approaching to consulting

Great ITAM starts with establishing a meaningful set of data. Having accurate data on your current IT landscape will not only help you understand your most urgent and important software needs but it will enable our consultants to make the best decisions for your business.

Once we have reliable inventory data from your estate, presented in a clear data set, we can begin advising you on where the biggest areas of waste are and where you are at risk of losing the most money.


Why is independence important?

  • SAMGarde have never carried out an audit for any software publisher.
  • SAMGarde have never bid for any work alongside a software publisher.
  • SAMGarde don’t participate in any publisher “asset management” programs.
  • SAMGarde don’t have any connections to any software publisher and will never benefit from advising you toward one tool or commercial decision over another.
  • SAMGarde will never receive a fee from a publisher in return for money you pay for software.
  • SAMGarde don’t even partner with ANY ITAM tool provider, allowing us always to recommend the solution that is right for you, not the one which pays us a hefty commission.

The only things SAMGarde sell are the tools & services you need to deliver successful ITAM.

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