What does it mean to be independent?

SAMGarde are, and will always be, 100% independent from any software provider, publisher or vendor.

This may seem like a small thing, but in fact it is one of the most important concepts you should be aware of when selecting an ITAM advisor.

Why should you care?

Many of the consultants which are commonly used within the IT and ITAM sector are non-independent.

This means as well as working for you as a service provider, they will also have some commercial connection to the organisation from which you buy software from.

Think of the four biggest consultants in the world, then think of the four biggest providers of IT enterprise software and hardware.

Do you think it is possible for these businesses to operate without somehow relying on one another’s services?

The simple answer is no.

How will you benefit?

When working with a non-independent advisor, you may end up with non-optimal results.

This is particularly apparent for software audit defence, where a consultant would rather reach a compromise, which helps serve both sides, i.e. a fee you’re happy to pay, and the vendor is happy to receive!

An independent advisor will actually fight your corner exclusively, with no incentive to provide the vendor with any fee or payment at all.

Never willing to compromise, always searching for the best solution for you.

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Our Confidentiality Guarantee

We appreciate that sometimes you can find yourself in tricky position with licencing, and it can be difficult to share information on mistakes or accidental software misuse.

This is why we promise to keep all conversations confidential, and always approach your scenario with practical advice and without any judgement.


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