Effective and compliant IT Asset Management requires care, attention and expertise.

These are all things that can be implemented with time, money and resource. However; like many businesses, however well you plan there may be something that comes at you unexpected… That’s why we’ve launched ITAM Emergency.

How ITAM Emergency can help you

You’re busy. You have a dozen IT projects on the go, day-to-day support to provide and all the usual work that comes with ‘keeping the lights on’.

But…. bad news…. One of your big software publishers wants to audit your usage of their software across your whole enterprise. You know it’s bad timing because you don’t feel like you have the best visibility of your current environment, and you’re pretty sure there are a few servers with less than ideal licencing.

How do you prepare for the audit..? What should be your first response to the publisher..? What are your rights..? How do you get a better understanding of what your true usage is..?

This is where ITAM Emergency, from SAMGarde kicks in. Whether it is an unexpected publisher audit, a merger or acquisition with unknown software risks, anxiety about moving an application or platform to cloud… our team of experts are here to help.

100% Independent

What’s more… you can talk to us in complete confidence because unlike pretty much every other ITAM consultancy we are completely independent and you won’t find us offering services sub-contract to a software publisher nor will we try to sell you a new Oracle ULA, IBM ESSO or any other software because we will be making money below the line…… We will give you the advice you need just because it is the right advice and not because its best for the relationship we have with our hidden corporate partners or because we will be earning a sneaky commission or rebate….


ITAM Emergency has made a huge difference for businesses all around the world. In some recent cases, the SAMGarde team have been able to reduce audit penalties and fees from over £4 Million to less than £250,000.

We can do this because we understand the licensing terms of an encyclopaedic range of software products from back to front. We also intimately understand how software publishers and audits work, how data needs to be presented and what questions to ask to put you in the very best negotiating position. We also know the pitfalls of moving applications to cloud… In fact our team of 100% Independent ITAM specialists have everything you will need to put you back in control of your ITAM Emergency.


To get started, contact us now or complete the form below and our sales team will be in touch right away.

ITAM Emergency Form

Simply complete the form below to begin resolving your ITAM Emergency today.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming software renewal, a looming publisher audit or simply want some truly independent IT Asset Management or Cyber Governance advice, we would love to hear from you!

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