It’s vital to ensure that your company’s data & reputation are protected and it is not only hackers you need to be afraid of… The new GDPR regulations place significant obligations on organisations to keep all of the personal data they hold both accurate & secure. Cyber threats put your customers, partners, employees and your business at risk. These risks – big and small – will keep you from achieving business goals.

Successfully implemented ITAM + Cyber Governance means having robust policies, processes and training in place. This is important because 90% of cyber-breaches occur following human error or from connected devices being exposed to unintended risk. Making sure that the security systems and procedures you put in place are well-understood and followed is a significant part of our ITAM + Cyber Governance offering. The human element of security is often more important, yet cheaper to fix, than the technical.


We start by evaluating your current status, focusing on three areas:

  • People
  • Governance
  • Technology
  • Our initial investigation phase will assess your current position by identifying and interviewing key personnel & stakeholders in your organisation. We then compare this data with our proven maturity model. From this, we can then highlight and prioritise issues for further investigation & action. During these early stages, our key role is to differentiate between the perceptions and the reality in your organisation.


    If you are concerned about your organisation’s Cyber Risk Resilience, Response Capabilities or Crisis Management skills, the Risk Management & Crisis Response exercise from SAMgarde is the perfect starting point to better understand those elements so that the appropriate corrective actions can be put in place.

    Our exercises aid managers & senior executives in achieving a clear understanding of their organisational capability to tackle and manage risk, as well as respond to crisis scenarios pertaining to cyber threats. Using a framework of simulated cyber threats and attacks, within a pressure decision environment, we design and tailor exercises that stress-test business structures and their decision makers when tackling cyber-related threats and contingencies – with the added benefit of being able to cater specifically to your company’s structure and resources.

    What can RM&CR exercises achieve for your company:

    Cyber Awareness & Training: Through our dynamic and educational approach, we place our customers in realistic and relevant scenarios in a way that highlights cyber security measures, crisis management priorities and also what cyber risk means for you and your business, and how it can materialise itself.

    Immersive Response Tests: The realistic approach to risk management and crisis response in our exercises, as well as the detailed threat scenarios, are conducive to immersive tests where the business can both measure and hone its resilience and response capabilities in a real-time, competitive and pressure rich environment.

    Cooperation and Response Analysis: Like in any organisation, inter-departmental cooperation is essential for success when responding to and managing risks that jeopardise the business. Our RM&CR exercises not only develop this cooperation, but our post-analysis and debriefings will help you further dissect what went wrong and how to correct it.

    Efficient Contingency Planning: The long and mid term effects of successful cyber attacks can be widespread and overlooked – with our exercises and our tools, your business will be given a full spectrum analysis of prevention, response and recovery, which will allow you to plan effectively for the future pertaining a wide myriad of cyber threats.

    Academically Focused: SAMGarde understands that there are many “Snake Oil” solutions in the market place. In structuring RM & CR exercise we have used the same rigour we use when designing & teaching accredited masters courses for our Higher Education partners. Our Managing Director is a Professor of Cyber Security and our Global Education Director, a National Teaching Fellow, is a specialist in technology-enhanced learning, digital literacy & assessment with a PhD and a Pg CHE. With this level of expertise you can be sure that the exercise as well as the guidance and training recommendations that result will be of huge value to your organisation.


    Don’t delay in establishing a stronger approach to SAM and Cyber Security. If you would like us to get in touch for a free and no obligation evaluation, please head over to or contact page and complete our contact form.


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