100% Independent IT Asset Management

Not all ITAM Consultancies are the same….


Since our founding 10 years ago we have never worked for a software publisher so have no hidden vested interests. We have NEVER undertaken audits or “Customer Reviews” for ANY publisher. Our sole focus is our customer!

A key component of being independent is that we do not sell the software we help you manage, but we can tell you about all the soft margins, channel rebates & commissions that those who do sell you software are pocketing at your expense.

Who are our customers..?

Ranging from smaller companies with around 1,500 devices to large complex global corporates or government organisations with nearly 500,000 devices across multiple operating companies, they all share a desire for 100% independent trustworthy advice from a partner who isn’t trying to sell them anything other than sound, impartial ITAM or Cyber consultancy.

We do not have our own tools to sell either as our experience tells us that what’s right for one customer may not be right for another…. Being independent means we will only advise what is best for you!


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Our Confidentiality Guarantee

We appreciate that sometimes you can find yourself in tricky position with licencing, and it can be difficult to share information on mistakes or accidental software misuse.

This is why we promise to keep all conversations confidential, and always approach your scenario with practical advice and without any judgement.


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